In an environment of ever-increasing costs, Smash My Trash provides an innovative solution to managing commercial and industrial waste.

Our service provides onsite compaction of open-top containers, including municipal solid waste and recyclable materials. With compaction ratios as high as 5:1, we consistently reduce container hauls up to 80%.

Yes, we will reduce your haul volume from 10 down to 2.

In simple terms, since the day we opened our doors we've been generating net savings of 20% or more on total waste expenses.

Equally impressive, we generate dramatic environmental benefits, as measured by reduced carbon emissions as we eliminate large numbers of container hauls.

Best yet, as disruptive as our service is, we keep things simple:

In other words, we can start tomorrow. It's that simple.


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1What does a Smash cost?
We charge for our services in a number of ways. Give us a call to find out what works best for you.
2Do I have to sign a restrictive service contract?
No. We keep it simple, requiring customers sign our terms of service only. Complex and custom services may have more involved terms.
3Will my waste company let me Smash my trash?
It's not their waste, it's yours. Well established legal doctrines protect your rights to manage your waste while under your control at your facility. This includes the right to Smash your trash.
4How do I request your services once I'm a customer?
Several us, login and request a Smash, or like most customers, we'll place you on one of our regular Smash routes.

Let us handle the hassle. Regular Smashing increases the compaction, and maximizes both your available container space and total savings.
5Can I see a Smash demonstration at my facility?
Of course! We encourage it - pictures and videos don't do justice to the process. Contact us to request a free demonstration at your site. It's quick, simple, and you'll have no doubt the extent to which we can assist your facility.
6Do you offer discounts for multiple facilities, or multiple dumpsters?
Yes, we do. Contact us to discuss our pricing options.
7Do you Smash at night? Weekends? What about gate codes?
We Smash around the clock. Most of our customers have secured facilities with guards or gate codes - not a problem. Working weekends are very common.

Want to see how Smashing works?

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